The Energy
of Change

About us
Interspec is a young company with an experienced team behind.
We have expertise in 2 major raw material fields: petrochemicals and non-ferrous metals.
Our focus is on being the only link between the producer and the user, bringing added value to both parties.

We work all over the world, mainly sourcing materials from the eastern markets: China, South Korea, Taiwan, India, United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and offering to the western markets: EU, US as a competitive alternative to local products.

Supplying EU customers, we are always compliant with REACH regulations, making sure we only offer duly registered materials.
Mission Statement
Interspec is creating the notion of modern trading.
Our flexibility is what allows us to face the challenges of today's fast-moving world.
And our integrity empowers us to always stick to our core values: leading an ethical business and bringing a great service to our customers and a positive vibe to the planet.

We believe there is no life without movement. So our motto is something we embrace – THE ENERGY OF CHANGE.
Dry cargo warehouses and bulk storages
We keep a stock of some products at bonded warehouses in Rotterdam and Antwerp, meaning:
Prompt delivery for European customers
A great variety of shipment opportunities for overseas customers
Flexible load quantity: we will deliver exactly as much as you need, even if it is less than a truckload
All kinds of warehouse services available